The Most Random Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

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Being in a relationship requires give and take on both parties. Yes men included and yes communication is important to have. We all have relationships in our work life and in our personal lives.

Having a healthy relationship requires work and is important to have in our social lives. When we are in a relationship we must give it space, time and understanding. Not necessarily in that order but I think you get the meaning here.

If you want to know how you stand with your boyfriend asking penetrations questions from time to time will reveal the inner most desires that he is thinking about.

This is important to know because the goals and fantasies that he has in his mind will determine the future of him, you and the relationship altogether. Asking these random questions will insure that your boyfriend is forging ahead with his life. Also you will know if you are in his master plan or not.

Trying to not come across as an interview is an art but is a necessary skill that you must acquire. You must learn to ask leading questions that are open ended. It's not that the questions themselves are important but what the follow-up answers will be.

You are trying to open up Pandora's box of answers from your boyfriend and sometimes it only takes one deep probing questions. For instance you could ask what he has planned for next year? Once an answer comes out from that then you can feed on that answer.

These questions will provide insights to your relationship and how he considers you part of his life. Pay particular attention to the span of time you are referring too. Avoid asking questions about the past. You are curious and need to know about the future.

The future plans will determine the success of the relationship. Going into the past may bring up bad memories, lost opportunities and take all the incentive away that was once there.

Asking about the future will allow plans to be solidified between you too. If you have the same goal and aspirations as your boyfriend then you can both support each other.

So by asking the most random questions that you can think of is of no particular emphasis as long as there is some feedback and you can keep it going. That will make you understand what he is up to and what he is working to get done for him and for you.

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The Most Random Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

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This article was published on 2010/03/30