Good And Bad Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

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The questions to ask your boyfriend depend a lot on the type of person he is. If he's the type who tells you a lot about his life and seems very open, there might not really be any bad question. If he's very close-mouthed about certain things, though, asking questions might seem like prying. When figuring out questions to ask your boyfriend, you have to really consider him and how he reacts.

In almost all situations, good questions to ask your boyfriend might be terrible questions for someone else to ask her boyfriend. For instance, if you're curious about a past girlfriend, you want to ask your boyfriend about her. But should you?

If your boyfriend has talked about her before, and not seemed secretive about her, it's probably all right. If he's ever been defensive about her, you might not want to ask anything. It could just cause him to think you're prying or wanting to put her down in some way.

If he's never mentioned any past girlfriends, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a mistake to ask about them. In fact, if you don't ever ask questions about his old girlfriends, he might wonder why you're not interested!

Most people ask about a person's past relationships; it's only natural to do so. But if you do it to excess he might start to think that you're a bit too curious or even obsessed about his past girlfriends. He might get aggravated that you're too interest in his past.

Polite questions about his past, in most cases, shouldn't cause anyone to get upset though. Even if you seem a little jealous of a past relationship that was very serious, that's pretty much to be expected. If you weren't at least a little jealous, some men might think you don't like them enough to be jealous.

Bad questions to ask your boyfriend usually, if they're not ex-girlfriend related, center around you being suspicious. If you constantly ask him where he is and what he's doing every minute, he's bound to get tired of it. And he might even think you don't trust him.

And you should consider that if you're asking him to account for his whereabouts all the time, that maybe you don't trust him. Try to figure out why that is, and you might learn some things about your self and the relationship.

Even bad questions can become good questions the way he sees them, if you word them correctly. Instead of asking why he was out so late, who he was with and what he was doing, you could ask the question in a more roundabout way.

You could say that you wished he'd been with you, or you wished he'd been home because you wanted to talk to him. Where was he?  If you couch the questions in non-suspicious language and are polite and non-accusing, it won't seem like you're nagging him. Just make sure the questions to ask your boyfriend are said in a friendly manner.

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Good And Bad Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

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This article was published on 2010/10/07
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