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Ideas are difficult to be built. Brainstorming for a new idea or choosing the type to write articles from this idea is more difficult. All these tasks are the problems of beginning for a new article. These Three Question article will show you how to start with the popular article type.


First of all, you need to identify a topic for which people reading an article site are likely to have questions. Now, this can be almost anything, but as you are an expert in various things, you probably want to choose one of those things to write your article about. This is likely the same topic as some of your previous articles, or ones which you have a good set of resources ready to promote.


Next, come up with a title emphasising the Three Questions aspect of the article and the fact that it is to be presented to help beginners. There are different templates you can use for this, but let's say you were writing a beginner's guide to blogging. Some possible titles would be 'The Top Three Questions Asked By New Bloggers Answered' or 'A Beginner's Guide To Blogging Answered In Three Questions'. I'm sure you can think of others that will suit your own topic.


Once you've done this, you need to come up with three questions. A good way to do this is just to scan other articles you've written on this topic and see what topics appear frequently. Alternatively, you might remember when you first started. You really need three good questions which will help out people who are just getting started. Make sure that you keep the questions relatively short as you need to cover three of them within the space of one article.


The final thing you need to do is to sit down and write the article. The standard format for these is to start off with a paragraph introducing the area and saying why you want to help the beginner. Then ask and answer each of the three questions in turn. Give a summing paragraph to add a nice close to the article. This will be immediately followed by your resource box, which provides more helpful places for the new reader to visit. After that, you have an article.


This form of article is great when you're short of ideas, as anything you can do that helps beginners is always useful. Plus, it's quite easy to come up three common questions without having to do a lot of research. Do try this out and make your next article a Three Questions article.


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Article Writing - Three Questions

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This article was published on 2010/08/07