3 Important Key Random Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

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People in relationships talk all the time. Most of the time the type of talk is necessity talk. Necessity talk in the form of what to get at the grocery store, what bills to pay, work hours, where to go on vacation. Yes they are important questions to keep life going at an even pace. But these type questions really don't go inward into the social value of the person.

These random questions can be for your boyfriend or marriage mate. It doesn't matter which because the answers both elicit the inner feelings of the person answering them.

The answers to these questions may unlock the hidden meaningful things you will end up knowing. These answers can help solidify a relationship as well.

Question #1. If you had a free day what would you do with it? An honest answer to this question will allow the true feelings to come out and what values lie within each of us. The answer to this question will display what they value most in free time. If you analyze this answer you'll find out a lot about your partner.

Question #2. What is your dream job? These questions allow your mate to dream. Whether or not you agree is not the issue here. Learning to understand your mate and what drives them is the important thing to remember here.

Having a plan to accomplish their dream is the important thing to note here. Sure it may take years to get that dream job but at least there's a plan to get something done in life.

Question #3. If you could start life over again what would you change? This is a loaded question but it also helps you understand your partner.

This will make your partner analyze themselves on the type of person that they are now. If they don't like what's going on with their life the answer to this question will highlight that.

The answer to this question also will help you know if he or she is trying to change. Change is evident everywhere and for progress to happen you have to be part of it.

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3 Important Key Random Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

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This article was published on 2010/04/01